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The Legal and Social Implications of Insolvent Cross-Border Real Estate Developers: Reviewing the U.

This article analyzes the phenomena associated with cyclical real estate markets, discussing the theoretical and market influences which motivate developers during this cycle. Fluctuating commercial real estate markets necessitate a focus on market upswings and downswings, and consideration of the roles and motivations of a wide array of actors, ranging from industry analysts and developers to lenders.  Legal considerations, particularly during real estate downturns, or busts, include a variety of issues, particularly if the commercial real estate developers in question conducted business internationally.  This Article details the theoretical and economic conditions found during real estate market cycles, with special emphasis on cross-border real estate developers.  Relevant legal considerations faced by such developers confronting insolvency are also considered.  Finally, the Article notes possible measures which may mitigate the many pitfalls confronting the insolvent developer.


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